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From a dream of an immigrant entrepreneur in his bedroom in a rent house
to a world leading solution provider of commercial sustainability in 16 years later

From a dream of an immigrant entrepreneur in his bedroom in a rent house to a world leading solution provider of commercial sustainability in 16 years later.

The Yellow Octopus Group has come quite a long way.

We Are All About
Commercial Sustainability Solutions

We have a very pragmatic view on sustainability.

Retail CEO’s are hired to create value for shareholders and not to save the world. No matter how harsh it sounds this is the reality.

Within Yellow Octopus Group we believe that sustainability needs to be sustainable financially and provide commercial benefits to everyone involved.

In our solutions Excel spread sheet is equally important as reducing environmental impact. If it is not commercial. It will not last.

That is why we only provide solutions which create value, because it is the only realistic way sustainability can be scaled from a small project into global solutions and make a long-lasting positive impact to the world.

Our End Goal Is Transforming Fashion Industry From Linear To Circular Economy Model

Our end goal is a closed loop system within the fashion industry.
Ambitious? Hell Yeah. Impossible? Watch this space.

A closed loop system is one in which products are designed, manufactured, used and handled so as to circulate within society for as long as possible, with maximum usability, minimum adverse environmental impacts, minimum waste generation, and with the most efficient use of water, energy and other resources throughout their lifecycles. This includes the recycling of waste back into production systems, as well as making products reusable or repairable.

Businesses and other organisations across the fashion industry can gain from working to reduce resource use and waste.
Yellow Octopus innovative solutions provide new revenue streams for retailers & brands and help them to reduce the environmental impacts of clothing and demonstrate corporate responsibility & strength their brand reputation.

The Future Of Circular Fashion

ACCENTURE & Fashion for Good created a report that for the first time explores the financial viability of circular business models in the fashion industry.

Two of Yellow Octopus solutions reGAIN app & reflaunt made it to the list.

The Politics Of Sustainability

Recently one of our sustainable solutions has helped one of our customers while testifying in front of a Parliamentary Commission investigating impact of High Fashion on the Environment.

God Save the Queen and Sustainability Solution Providers. As you can see from the video below these gentlemen look rather grumpy and haven’t discovered the sense of humour yet.

So, during our years in business and involvement in Sustainability in Fashion we have been invited to some extra special political spots.
We went to Buckingham Palace when we got the Queens Awards for Enterprise from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,
We were honoured to be invited to 10 Downing Street to meet PM Theresa May along some other VIPs during her term of office. During the Copenhagen Fashion we had a friendly chat with HRH Princess of Denmark and on few other occasions we met few other Royals along the way of promoting Sustainable Fashion.

We strongly believe that governments and institutions such as European Commission have the responsibility to play an active role in supporting the positive change by making a necessary law alterations. It is not cool to incinerate perfectly fine products, it should be illegal as well. At first the European governments are making a necessary change. Hopefully others will follow soon.

Dream Big. Start Small. Act Now.

If Elon Musk can plan to go to Mars, why don’t we shoot for the stars too and help fashion industry to achieve what many consider impossible?

Change from Linear to Circular Business Model. Ambitious? Hell Yeah. Impossible? Watch this space.

As Elon said ‘When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favour’

Be like Elon.

Be smart.

Join us on this challenging path and let’s make a difference together.


About Us

“Less bullshit. More good shit” – is the Yellow Octopus Group motto.

We are a group of entrepreneurs and innovators, who instead of constantly talking about what the problem is, focus on finding commercially viable solutions. We will not stop until achieving our ultimate goal. Transforming the fashion industry from a Linear to a Circular Economy model.

By offering the best sustainability solutions in one place we are the ‘Pay Pal’ of the fashion industry end of use.

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