Circular Fashion Impact Fund

A true billionaire is someone who positively impacts a billion lives

In partnership with PDS Multinational, a $1.2 USD Billion fashion supply chain powerhouse, we have created the ‘Circular Fashion Impact Fund’ to facilitate the building of a Circular Fashion Ecosystem. We are actively investing in early stage and growth stages companies which through innovation and technology are improving the world we live in.

What Sets Us Apart

Smart Money

Money is the least you get from us. We give you our time and connections. You instantly become part of our ecosystem. You gain instant access to major players in the fashion industry.

We Get You

We are Entrepreneurs and Founders ourselves. We know how bloody difficult it is to start and grow the business. We have been there. We’re here to help & assist.

We See Things Differently

A problem is a terrible thing to waste – we think of problems as gold mines. The world’s biggest problems are the world’s biggest business opportunities. – Peter Diamandis

Speed To

Through the strategic partnership with PDS, a leading global fashion supply chain powerhouse, we can leverage global access to both the brands and the supply chain network and offer Founders & Innovators speed to market a possibility like no one else.


Reflaunt empowers brands with the technology to embrace circular fashion. The solution allows brand’s customers to put back on sale their past purchase.
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Evrnu® is a textile innovations company that has invented an entirely new kind of engineered fiber made from discarded clothing.
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We provide solution to one of the largest environmental problems fast fashion is creating - vast amount of post-consumer textiles becoming waste. Instead of throwing unwanted clothes away, we encourage people to bundle them up and donate to charity.

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At hydroCotton, we are developing technology to grow radically sustainable and transparent cotton. We do this by growing cotton with 80% less water and fertilisers in a pesticide-free environment.
Since 2016, we’ve been on a mission to make change feel good, for whatever life throws at us. Power outfit today, loungewear tomorrow; Chanel bag this week; Dior the next. Whether you’re sizing up or down, it’s easy to look your best, even when you’re carrying a baby (food babies included).
Common Objective (CO) is the global tech solution for sustainable fashion business. Our technology simplifies and rewards best practice, turning sustainability from a cost into an opportunity.
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Our vision is to harness your purchasing power for good. We democratize access to the global supply chain so that non-traditional makers operating ethically and sustainably can participate more fully.
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If through mix of innovation, commercial sustainability and technology you want to

positively impact billions of lives, fix fashion industry and create value to all involved – get in touch.

You’re one of us.

    About Us

    “Less bullshit. More good shit” – is the Yellow Octopus Group motto.

    We are a group of entrepreneurs and innovators, who instead of constantly talking about what the problem is, we focus on finding commercially viable solutions. We will not stop until achieving our ultimate goal. Transforming the fashion industry from a Linear to a Circular Economy model.

    By offering the best sustainability solutions in one place we are the ‘Pay Pal’ of the fashion industry end of use.


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