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We offer the best Commercial Sustainability Solutions in One Place.

1 000 000 pcs

diverted from landfill every month

21 countries

across 5 continents

25 345 388 pcs

of textiles processed last year

Stock Exits

across all stock grades and categories

"If something is not selling it is like a dead fish in a barrel. It stinks after a while."
Ira Neimark

Highest Recovery

Based on over 15 years of experience we provide retailers and brands with the best market rates for unwanted inventory across all stock grades and categories. We are the company of choice for many leading global Fashion Brands and Retailers. Why? Because we offer best returns on stock and most reliable and sustainable service.

Total Brand

With our extensive global distribution network in secondary markets Yellow Octopus offers number of innovative solutions to ensure that the retailers brand is being totally protected. We think of our partners brands as a baby. It is important to find a responsible carer.

Zero Waste

None of the products processed by Yellow Octopus goes into landfill. Our Zero Waste Policy is rigorously implemented. Not only the textiles, but also all other products such as plastic packaging and cardboard boxes are being recycled. All is diverted away from landfill.

Take Back Programs

complex take back programs management

"There is no such thing as away. When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere."
Annie Leonard

reGAIN app Digital Take Back Program

World first Digital Multi Brand Take-Back program supporting charity donations and incentivising sustainable clothing disposal. reGAIN provides an easy and affordable way to donate clothing to charity and offers exclusive discount coupons for every charitable donation made. reGAIN program has been recognised by EDIE as a Sustainability Leaders Award Winner in the Circular Innovation of the Year category.
PLT reGAIN app Case Study

White Label Take Back Development & Support

Based on our unique in-house technology we offer white label Take Back development and support for the retail and charity sectors. Yellow Octopus offers competitive rates, quick delivery of the final product and market tested technology.

Take Back Handling Service

We offer Take Back handling for Retailers Own Take Back programmes. Thanks to our 10+ years of experience, we have resources to sustainably manage large volumes of post-consumer textiles received by our Retail Partners own take back initiatives.
Primark Take Back Case Study


world class solutions in the fastest growing category in fashion retail

"Resale market expected to be valued at $64 billion in 2025."

The Fastest Growing Category In Fashion

Recommerce merchants are growing 20-times faster than the broader retail market and five-times faster than off-price retailers, according to Coresight Research.

Most Effective Way Of Reducing Fashion Footprints

Extending the life of clothing by an extra nine months of active use would reduce carbon, waste and water footprints by around 20-30% each and cut resource costs by 20% .

Our World Class Recommerce

We offer unique resale solutions for global brands and retailers within the luxury and premium fashion sector.
Reflaunt is the most advanced resale technology which includes blockchain implementation for digital product authentication and more
We also offer white label platforms development for re-commerce services. COS Case Study

Recycling & Upcycling

Here at Yellow Octopus, we believe that the linear system of production ‘take, make, use and waste’ is not sustainable for a planet with a growing population and limited resources.

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it."
Robert Swan

Recycling & Upcycling

Here at Yellow Octopus, we believe that the linear system of production ‘take, make, use and waste’ is not sustainable for a planet with a growing population and limited resources. We are engaged in the commercialisation of circular business models to continually reduce the environmental impact of Fashion Retailers whilst creating new growth opportunities.


We offer Innovative upcycling solutions which enable to create new products and materials out of fashion waste.
Starting from Evrnu technologies which are used to create engineered fibres with extraordinary performance and environmental advantages, made from discarded clothing.
Through collaboration with Fashion Students many fabric materials get a second life in new student collections made from old apparel.
In Q3 of 2021 we will be launching our first innovative range of products made of textile waste.


We are also involved in the traditional downgrade recycling. We co-operate with a network of recyclers who downgrade products which are unable to be reused or upcycled. We provide the environmental certificates for every single item processed by us.

Zero Waste

None of the products processed by Yellow Octopus go into landfill. Our Zero Waste Policy is rigorously implemented. Not only the textiles but also all other products such as plastic packaging and cardboard boxes are being recycled and upcycled. All is diverted away from landfills.

Tech for Good

development and support

"Silicon valley is a mindset, not a location."
Reid Hoffman

Tech for Good

Tech for Good is any process, product, or service that reduces negative environmental impacts through significant energy efficiency improvements, the sustainable use of resources, or environmental protection activities.

Yellow Octopus Tech for Good solutions improve operational performance, productivity and efficiency while reducing waste and environmental pollution.

Super Geek

Our in-house teams of super talented developers and IT specialists are one of Yellow Octopus biggest assets. We are constantly investing in World Class people to get the best possible results. In technology space, nothing is impossible for our Super Human Geek Team


The creation process of our new technologies is like that of the finest Saville Row tailor making made to measure suits. They are made specifically for the customer needs, including all the individual requirements and characteristics. Yellow Octopus technology development team provides the solutions of tomorrow Today.

Regular IT

After the development process is completed, regular IT support becomes a very important aspect of every technology project. A regular Yellow Octopus IT maintenance plan includes ongoing access to technical support for troubleshooting and resolving issues 24/7.

Circular Fashion Impact Fund

A true billionaire is someone who positively impacts a billion lives

In partnership with PDS Multinational, a $1.5 USD Billion fashion supply chain powerhouse, we have created the 'Circular Fashion Impact Fund' to facilitate the building of a Circular Fashion Ecosystem.

Smart Money

Money is the least founders get from us. Real value is in our time and connections. New business instantly becomes part of our ecosystem. Entrepreneurs and Innovators gain instant access to major players in the fashion industry.

We Get You

We are Entrepreneurs and Founders ourselves. We know how bloody difficult it is to start and grow a business. We have been there. We went through both victories and failures. Both taught us valuable lessons. We’re here to assist new generation of entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level and make a positive impact.

We See Things

Someone quite smart once said that ‘A problem is a terrible thing to waste’. We totally agree and think of problems as gold mines. The world’s biggest problems are the world’s biggest business opportunities.

Speed To

Through the strategic partnership with PDS, a leading global fashion supply chain powerhouse, we can leverage global access to both the brands and the supply chain network and offer Founders & Innovators speed to market a possibility like no one else.

You Name It. We Do It.

About Us

“Less bullshit. More good shit” – is the Yellow Octopus Group motto.

We are a group of entrepreneurs and innovators, who instead of constantly talking about what the problem is, focus on finding commercially viable solutions. We will not stop until achieving our ultimate goal. Transforming the fashion industry from a Linear to a Circular Economy model.

By offering the best sustainability solutions in one place we are the ‘Pay Pal’ of the fashion industry end of use.

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